Welcome to, which presents own Slovak product of the company IMC Slovakia, s.r.o., which is located 6 km from Povazska Bystrica. 
     We managed to successfully combine the two areas and thus engineering and problems owith the disposal of biological waste from the horse farm. For business needs, we have designed and subsequently developed a pelleting line which transforms problematic organic waste from the horse farm to heat in the production halls of the company IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.. This pelleting line, which resides on a farm in Uhry may be designated as "pilot line" by which was proven operating principle and settings for process parameters for the entire process of pelleting the biowaste. Put simplyit it can be said that it is an ideal and also implemented and proven transformation of problematic waste from a horse farm into the produced heat. With such secured energy is at the same time saved the processing of primary raw materials and energy resources and thus increased energy costs, reducing the pollution of water, air and soil. 
     Join also you our satisfied customers to whom we provide complete manufacturing, installation, and subsequent training of personnel. Quality products and services, flexible solutions, professionalism and comprehensive service are our priority for 20 years now.


NEW! We offer variants lines:
A. Small farms - capacity 150 kg / hr.
B. heartland - capacity 300 kg / hr.
C. Large farms - capacity 400 kg / hr.